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Lavender Oil Manufacturer & Supplier

KAYNE BIO SCIENCES ORGANICS stands as a premier manufacturer and supplier, delivering unparalleled quality in 100% pure lavender oil to global markets. Lavender oil, renowned for its versatility, finds its place as a cornerstone ingredient in perfumery, cosmetics, medicine, and aromatherapy practices worldwide. Boasting a myriad of beneficial properties such as anti-depressant, anti-oxidant, calming, sedative, and soothing attributes, our lavender oil transcends mere fragrance, offering holistic wellness and sensory experiences. Partner with KAYNE BIO SCIENCES ORGANICS for unrivalled purity and excellence in essential oils, enhancing your products and experiences with nature’s essence.

Why Choose Us:

  1. Unmatched Quality: Our lavender oil is sourced from the finest lavender fields, ensuring purity and potency.
  2. Reliability: As a trusted lavender oil manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, we guarantee consistent quality and timely delivery.
  3. Custom Solutions: Tailored to meet your specific business needs, we offer customizable solutions for bulk orders.
  4. Exceptional Service: Our dedicated team provides unparalleled customer support, ensuring a seamless experience from inquiry to delivery.

Industries We Serve:

  1. Cosmetics and Personal Care: Elevate your cosmetic formulations with the exquisite aroma and therapeutic benefits of lavender oil.
  2. Aromatherapy and Wellness: Cater to the growing demand for holistic wellness products with our premium lavender oil.
  3. Hospitality: Enhance guest experiences by incorporating our lavender oil into your hotel amenities or spa treatments.
  4. Pharmaceuticals: Harness the therapeutic properties of lavender oil for various pharmaceutical applications, backed by our stringent quality standards.

Lavender Oil Extraction

Lavender oil is extracted by the method of steam and water distillation from the leaves, stem, and bud of Lavender.


Main : Linalool, Linalyl acetate, Ocimene

Other: Terpene alcohol, terpinen-4-ol, camphor, cis-ocimene, lavandulyl acetate, 1, 8-cineole, limonene and geraniol.

Uses of Lavender Oil

Topical Uses

  • Aromatherapy oil
  • Baby oil
  • Beard oil
  • Makeup brush cleaner
  • Hair oil
  • Makeup remover
  • Shaving cream
  • Fragrances
  • Antibacterial balm (like Neosporin)
  • Cuticle conditioner
  • Repair cracked heels

Everyday Uses

  • Keeps bugs away
  • Helps in getting relaxation
  • Reduces symptoms of migraine
  • Helps in sleeping
  • Beneficial for acne

Popular Uses of Lavender Oil

  • Enhances the sleep
  • Treats migraines, depression, nervous tension, and emotional stress.
  • Treats acne.
  • Stimulates the production of digestive enzymes.
  • Increases the resistance power of the body.
  • Acts as a pain killer.
  • Increases the flow of urine.
  • Works as an insect repellent.
  • Treats hair loss.
  • Used for the treatment of hypertension.
  • Reduces blood pressure.
  • Treats acne, wrinkles, and psoriasis

Applications Uses of Lavender Oil

  • Aromatherapy oil
  • Anti-bacterial balm
  • Baby oil
  • Beard oil
  • Cuticle conditioner
  • Hair oil
  • Fragrances
  • Makeup remover
  • Makeup brush cleaner
  • Repair cracked heels
  • Shaving cream
  • Derma
  • Deodorant
  • Infusion
  • Gel
  • Shampoo
  • Lotion
  • Soap

Benefits of Lavender Oil

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Treats insomnia by inducing sleep
  • Helps in acne treatment
  • Eliminates nerve tension
  • Helps remove hair lice
  • Treats respiratory disorders

Primary Benefits of Lavender Oil

  • Soothes skin irritations
  • Reduces anxious feelings and promotes peaceful sleep
  • Eases feelings of tension when used internally

The lavender essential oil has different uses and the application depends on the usages. Most commonly Lavender oil is used in skincare & in oil burners as a calming fragrance. Dilute the essential oils with a carrier oil for the best results as they are very concentrated. Carrier oil mix well with essential oils and helps take them within the skin. KAYNE BIO SCIENCES ORGANICS is one of the leading wholesale suppliers of lavender essential oil. We assure you that all our products adhere to the highest criteria of safety and quality. We offer the natural & organic forms of essential oils to our customers. Our products are free from all chemicals, additives, & fillers. They also do not carry any artificial colours, preservatives, and fragrances. You should dilute essential oil before using it for topical application as it is highly concentrated. We employ various tests and quality checks to assure that only premium-quality and effective oils reach our clients. The highest quality and packaging norms are employed to deliver excellent results on usage. We sell lavender oil in bulk with fast delivery and complete customer support. Our company assures that you will not regret choosing us!

  • If pregnant or breastfeeding then consult a doctor before use.
  • If taken in more quantity then it can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, Blurred on a clear vision, difficult to take clear in breath & burning over your eyes.

Disclaimer : The information provided is general and you must take medical advice before using this product. A.G ORGANICS or associated business entities don’t guarantee the accuracy of the information. Please consult your doctor, especially if being used during pregnancy or any allergy, health issues.

Private Label Lavender Essential Oils

KAYNE BIO SCIENCES ORGANICS is well-known private label manufacturer of skin care, hair care, personal care, health and wellness products that deals in private label of lavender products like pharma grade lavender essential oil, lavender hydrosol and products made using lavender like body lotion, face cream, hair growth oil, hair serum, baby cream, de-stress roll-on, sweet sleep balm, anxiety relief oil, and much more.

Trusted & Premium Lavender Oil Manufacturer, Wholesale Supplier and Global Exporter

Lavender oil has anti-inflammatory & antiseptic properties that can heal minor burns & bug bites. It is useful in treating insomnia, anxiety, depression & restlessness. This oil can be put on your skin with or without carrier oil for forming a lotion. This oil can be applied directly to the dry skin & wrinkles. It is also used in aromatherapy as steam. Constipation, headache, skin irritation & increased appetite are the side effects of the lavender oil. It calms the body & eases the pain, stress, and anxiety & muscle tension. It has very soft & soothing energy; it is used in healing, purifying & calming. It also eases the mind, emotions & spirit. It is safe for many adults in food amounts. It is safe when taken by mouth, inhaled in medicine amount or applied to the skin. Sometimes it can irritate. Quality of this oil varies with the ratio of the main chemicals used including Camphor, Linalool, and Linalyl Acetate. The combination of higher Linalyl Acetate & Linalool percentage with a low Camphor percentage is considered an ideal combination for high-quality oil. KAYNE BIO SCIENCES ORGANICS is known for its range of lavender oil. Our high-quality range is an ideal element for therapeutic purposes with almost zero camphor content. The economical option contains a higher camphor content is used in cosmetic and personal products manufacturing. Further, the chemical composition also influences the aromatic profile of the oil. While the Linalool imparts the aroma of lavender’s gorgeous floral scent, the presence of linalyl acetate makes the oil slightly citrusy, fruity, and sweet. Lavender oil belongs to the Lamiaceae family. This tree is native to the western Mediterranean and other mountains in northern Spain. This is the herbaceous perennial plant & its flowers are blue, violet, or yellowish. It is fragrant in nature that’s why it is used in perfume, aromatherapy oil, gels, infusion, lotion, soap. Its name is derived by French people from the Laver meaning wash. KAYNE BIO SCIENCES ORGANICS is the leading manufacturer & supplier of bulk orders for both food & nonfood industries. We extract oil from the lavenders to meet the food, cosmetic & drink grade standards of different industries.

  • Yes, it’s a soothing effect on your mind that helps you to sleep. For that, you’ll diffuse it or pour it on your pillow before sleeping. It is used for massage, aromatic baths, and diffusing. Add some drops of this oil into a massage oil base and use this blend for massages.
  • Yes, you can purchase this oil in bulk in packages of up to 25kg and more from KAYNE BIO SCIENCES ORGANICS.
  • No, it’s very pure and chemical-free oil. It doesn’t contain any added colors or fragrances.
  • Yes, our lavender oil and other Essential oils are 100% natural and safe to use in a salve.
  • Yes, dilute our Lavender oil with an acceptable carrier oil and use it for healthy hair growth.
  • No, this is steam distilled oil. But we even have cold-pressed carrier oils
  • Yes, you’ll be able to use our Lavender oil for creating perfumes reception.
  • Yes, Lavender oil may be used for creating soap, skincare, and cosmetic products.